Alain Milotti is a photographer based in Chicago, specializing in capturing his passions through a lens.

Once a music student in college, Alain graduated from Butler University with a degree in recording and percussion and not long after, set his instruments aside for a camera, choosing photography as a profession and committing to a life of visual artistic expression.

Alain has always enjoyed the company of those around him, and the same can be said on set while working with talent. 

"I love photographing headshots because really it's just me, the makeup artist, and the client hanging out of a few hours and getting to know each other while shooting.  It's always a good time.  For me it's simple; if you have a true affection for what's on the other side of the camera, it will show in the work.  In my cases, it's usually people and food!".     

With every picture, Alain strives to bring out the true essence of his subjects, living or still, creating work that is refreshingly simple, honest and spontaneous.

Born in the city and raised on the North Shore, Alain has returned to the West Loop neighborhood of Chicago.  He's still an avid musician and also makes a killer lasagna.